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Plasterers Hobart - Plastering Contractor

Are you looking for a Plasterer in Hobart? From the smallest wall damage to a full-scale commercial plastering project, Plastering Hobart will get the job done.

If you are searching for professional plasterwork, we guarantee to over-deliver results. Please get in touch to know for a free instant quotation. We have been servicing Darwin for years.

Local Plasterer in Hobart

A house is probably the most significant investment an individual makes in his/her entire lifetime. We take special care to beautify and decorate every corner of the property to make it reflect the owner’s personality. A perfect colour palette, new blinds, matching paint, and whatnot. But sometimes, people don’t realize an important aspect of their beautiful homes is ideal plastering.

A plastering gyprock work enhances the splendour of your house and adds strength and vigour to the walls and ceilings. Above all, you can use plaster for both restorations of old buildings and the construction of new ones. With appropriate plastering, you can save your damaged ceiling or walls.

With Plasterer Hobart, you get quality workmanship for your plastering needs. We can assist you with all your residential as well as commercial plastering needs in Hobart and Tasmania. Most importantly, our highly skilled team of professionals knows the exact client demands just by looking at the property.

In other words, by hiring us, you are doing your house or office a favour. It doesn’t matter whether you are restoring or building. We will make sure to provide the best plastering services for all your needs. Check EH Remodeling for all your kitchen cabinet replacement needs.


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    About Plasterer Hobart

    Welcome to Hobart Plastering, your one-stop-shop for all your plastering needs. We are a team of professional and experienced plasterers in Hobart, specializing in commercial and residential solutions. From plaster wall repair to new plaster installation, we offer a range of services in plastering jobs.

    Certainly, we are your go-to-guys to fulfil all your plastering requirements. We are working in this industry for several years now. We have come across several plastering jobs, some of which were quite complex. With all our experience, we aim to provide you with the best service that guarantees satisfaction. That is to say; our service is customer-focused, professional, and reliable.

    What do we do?

    • Provide fast and no-obligation quote 
    • Promised on-time delivery of the plastering project 
    • Work with you from start to finish ensuring we met your requirements 
    • Understand your exact needs and work on achieving them 
    • Provide you with the best plasterers in the country 

    Mike C. from Moonah, 7009

    We recently had our plaster patched by Plasterer Hobart. Firstly, one of their experts reached us for inspection. It only took them a single say to complete the patchwork of our entire property. They were prompt. They told us about how the process will take place and also recommended the right products. We are happy with the result.”

    The Services Of A Professional Plasterer In Hobart

    Gyprock Hobart provides you with a whole host of plastering services to homeowners and commercial spaces. We cover all the aspects of plastering in Hobart and Tasmania. Our work from include patch and repair work using bunnings plasterboard to new construction plastering. We also take care of your interior design, renovation work, and drafting services.

    Firstly, on top of everything, our mission is to provide quality workmanship, as promised on time and at a competitive price. Our contractors can assist you with all your plastering needs, whether it is walls or ceilings. We are strategically located in Hobart and Tasmania, and our services are just a phone call away. Contact us today and get a no-obligation free quote!

    Most importantly, at Plasterer Hobart, we commit to excellence in every aspect of our services. Most importantly, we utilize the latest equipment and technology, including the use of high-quality plastering materials. All of these are the key to achieving a premium finish made to last.

    Drywall Repair by Plasterers Hobart

    As a leading plastering contractor in Hobart, we can repair and restore wall patching compounds and plaster. The plasterboard is used as a finished surface for walls. It is an invaluable product that not only enhances the aesthetics of your house but also adds strength to your walls. Over the years, due to the environment and daily wear and tear, the plasterboard can slowly degrade. It can be damaged by water build-up or condensation, outdoors or inside.

    We are the masters when it comes to fixing cracks in walls. When you are experienced, hole in wall repair, among other restoration projects are not a big job. Depending on the size of your home or commercial space, restoration can take a day or two.

    If required, we are happy to install new plasterboard to your walls. But first, we like to inspect the condition of your existing walls and ceilings. We don’t want you to break your bank unnecessarily. If things can be fixed and finished made to last, we won’t recommend you to go with new plasterboards. We will use our every bit of expertise to restore your dull-looking worn-out walls to perfection.

    To sum up, our strength lies in customer satisfaction. Based on your demands, we can handle both new and traditional drywall repair. On the other hand, we can help you bring your plaster cornice, ceiling moulds, structural columns, and coverings back to life.

    Drywall Contractor screwing a piece of gyprock to metal stud frames

    Cornice Services in Hobart TAS

    Everybody loves a beautiful ornamental plaster cornice that lines the room just below the ceiling. It is a feature that you will in the majority of homes in Australia these days. Cornices differ from property to property. Beautiful as they are, cornices require replacement or repair as they can be damaged and are prone to the test of time. When your cornice needs repair, you must find an expert who can take the job to finish it to perfection.

    Plaster Hobart is well-renowned among its clientele as the best cornice repairer and installer. As Plasterer, we pride ourselves on the fact that we can easily recreate any plaster moulding, even if the cornice is a period piece. We have a good understanding of plaster moulding in Hobart. We also understand the architectural importance the refurbishing the decorative ornamental features of the cornice in your property.

    Whether you are constructing a house from scratch or renovating an old one, you can consider us for the plastering job. We are in this industry for several years now and boast an understanding of client needs. Therefore, when you call us, the first thing we do is come and inspect the property. We have an experienced team of plasterers who can tell just by seeing whether the cornice needs replacement or repairing.
    USG Boral Hobart is proficient enough to renovate your entire property with perfection. Most importantly, the project is completed within the given time frame. That’s our promise.

    Hobart Plasterer applying plaster to bulkhead ceiling

    Plasterers Hobart Suspended Ceiling Experts

    Are you on a lookout for a high-quality bulkhead ceiling for your home or office? Plasterer Hobart is the name you can trust. We are a top name in the market, offering highly durable and reliable suspension ceiling services in Hobart and Tasmania. If you want a stunningly smooth suspension ceiling with blistering lights that will elevate any space, Hobart plasterers have the right solution for you. Above all, the suspension ceiling services we provide has many benefits. From extra thermal protection to reduced noise pollution, living in your own house has never been this comfortable.

    We have all the expertise when it comes to the suspended ceiling. From design to installation, our expert plasterers can offer you all kinds of ceiling services in Hobart at reasonable costs. It doesn’t matter whether it is an old house with simple plain ceilings or a modern one with suspended ceilings. We are equipped with all the expertise and tools to install a brand new suspended ceiling or repair an old.

    Moreover, there are numerous reasons why we recommend homeowners to install suspended ceilings. For starters, it is easy, fast, and less expensive to fix. Furthermore, it comes pre-finished for quick installation. The best part is that it can be suspended from any stable ceiling. Given that the summers are incredibly harsh in Australia, a suspended ceiling is a great way to keep the indoors cool.

    We deal in all types of suspended ceilings. From gypsum ceiling to fibre ceiling, metal ceiling, and wooden ceiling, you name it, and we have it.

    Gyprock Suspending ceiling in a residential kitchen in Hobart

    Ricky M. from Rosny, 7018

    We have a large storage space in our house with an outside entrance. So, we decided to divide the space into half and use one as a garage. We called the professionals from Plasterer Hobart for their guidance. They inspected our place and recommended us wall framing with metal stud. Since we wanted to use one half of the space as an office, they advised us to go with metal framing. All in all, we are quite satisfied with the job.”

    Metal Framing Professionals in Tasmania

    Wall framing looks simple and straightforward. However, a mistake here and there makes all the effort go in vain as well, wastes a lot of time. If you are considering room dividers or wall crack repair, you need someone with years of industry expertise in wall framing. In other words, this is where we come into the picture. Our plastering service in Hobart is meant to fulfil the home improvement requirements of the residents. Metal framing is an essential aspect that not only gives structure to your entire house but also keeps it stable.

    Over the years, the framing starts to degrade. It can cause a lot of structural damage, puncturing the walls, and making it looks dull. We specialize in all kinds of wall framing, from timber to metal. Moreover, you use wall framing services if you divide an unusually large room. We understand the client’s requirements and try to solve their problems from the roots. Wall framing is not as easy as it sounds. It takes a proper team of professionals who know how to operate the latest tech and equipment.

    We only use certified products for wall framing. Above all, every professional in our team is insured and certified. So, you don’t have to worry about the quality of service we deliver. Whether you are constructing a house or renovating, looking after the wall framing is essential to give your home extra stability and strength.

    We will come to your place for inspection before we provide our views on how to proceed with the wall framing project.

    Sagging Ceiling in Hobart Greater Region

    A sagging gyprocker or plasterboard gives an ugly look to the interiors of your home. When the structure gets old, we see a noticeable sag on the ceiling that seems like it is coming away from the fixings. Apart from this, there are other considerable reasons why the ceiling tends to sag. For starters, incorrect original installation can also lead to sagging ceiling. Moreover, the extra load being placed on the gyprock or plasterboard in the ceiling cavity can make the ceiling come away from the fixings. On the other hand, excess moisture can cause the paper around the fixing to give away, making the ceiling appear saggy.

    Firstly, we know how to deal with such issues. Plaster Hobart is an experienced plastering agency in Hobart that helps residents with plastering ceilings and repairing the sagging ones. A sagging ceiling is inevitable and will require some maintenance and restoration at some stage of their lives. Secondly, you should be able to recognize the sagged ceiling before it is too late, and you have to replace the whole ceiling. There is always a safety hazard associated with sagged ceilings. So, the quicker you recognize it, the better off you are.

    Finally, our experts suggest a few signs to determine whether your ceilings are sagging. The first and most notable sign is small or large cracks in your cornice or ceiling. Moreover, here are some signs that your ceiling is sagging:

    • Bow in the ceiling
    • Screw holes showing
    • Visible gaps between the ceiling and wall framing
    • Cracking noises

    In conclusion, get your ceiling inspected for the sag and get it repaired as soon as possible.

    Get In Contact With Plasterer Hobart

    We have years of experience in working plastering services. From commercial spaces to residential ones, we can help you fix your Boral plasterboard with ease. Please get in touch with us today to discuss what we can do for you. We can help you fulfil your plaster restoration and installation needs with a planned work approach. You can reach us via telephone or email. We are prompt with the messages and calls.

    We will give you a no-obligation quote so that you can understand what needs to be done with your property.

    Looking for more renovation services? Check out kitchens Nottingham and Atlanta drywall repair.

    What Our Clients Have To Say About Our Services

    Ours is a quite old house built by my grandfather. Over the years, it has undergone many renovation projects. However, recently we noticed that we have a sagging ceiling in our bedroom because of all the moisture accumulating and sagging. We had heard about these blokes from our mutual friend. We decided to give them a try. It was an old ceiling. They told us that it could be repaired, but it is of no use. We had our complete ceiling replaced with a new one, which looks sturdier than ever.”

    I run a small event management company in downtown. I renovated my grandfather’s old bakery in my new office. After a couple of years, the plaster wall started to chip off. I guess it was because of poor-quality products or workmanship. Nevertheless, we hired these guys from Plasterer Hobart for repairing them. They did a splendid job patching the walls without bothering my team or me. It was a quick and wonderful experience.”

    Recently, we had a plumbing issue in our house that took a toll at our garage. The garage sagging ceiling was a nightmare as we were afraid of what if the ceiling drops and land on our cars. We had to get it fixed immediately. Plaster Hobart came into the rescue. All they took was a day to fix it. They showed professionalism and sheer dedication to their work. We are happy with how our garage looks now. Most importantly, our cars are safe.”



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