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Plastering Brighton

At Brighton, we are committed to providing the highest levels of service and quality products available. We have developed a strong reputation in Hobart, and we guarantee you will be thrilled with our work. We take pride in our attention to detail and innovative problem-solving strategies.

We use only the best materials, and we guarantee that we will meet your every need. No project is too challenging for our experienced staff. Brighton provides a workmanship guarantee for all renovations, and we pride ourselves on the skills and expertise of our plasterers, decorators and painters.

We will work with you to decide on the most suitable surface finish to suit your budget and lifestyle. We provide a wide range of services in Brighton, and we have a reputation for being diligent, clean and tidy. At Plastering Brighton, we have established a reputation for quality finishes in all products and outstanding artistry.

OUR Brighton Plastering Services

THE BEST Brighton Plastering Services

Brighton Plastering Services

Brighton Plastering is the leading PlastererĀ in Hobart. We have a team of skilled and experienced plasterers for hiring for residential as well as commercial purposes. We assure you to provide the best services with high quality of work. Brighton Plastering is one of those companies that their customers have highly rated for providing quality services at a very affordable price.

We have been in this industry for more than a decade and have served many clients from all over the country. If you had ever made plans of renovating your house but were unable to do so due to budget constraints, then Brighton Plastering is the company meant for you. Our plasterers will provide you with the most efficient plastering services at very reasonable prices.


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    Sagging Ceiling

    The ceiling is the most neglected part of a house by homeowners. If you have been planning to renovate your home but couldn’t due to budget constraints, then now is the time to do it as we offer plastering services at very reasonable prices. Sagging ceilings not only look unappealing and drab but can also be a hazardous hazard. Sagging ceilings should be taken care of quickly.

    Never ignore even a bit of sagging. It can beNever ignore even a bit of sagging. It can be dangerous and might even cost you very high in future. Sagging ceilings can cause a lot of damage to your house, increase the chances of accidents, and expensive repairs if not taken care of immediately. Sagging ceilings are caused by loose plaster, which leads to cracks.

    Brighton Plastering has a ready team of professional plasterers who are always available at your service. Sagging ceilings can be repaired in no time, with the help of our professionals who will do the job quickly and save you on cost. Brighton is an experienced plastering agency in Hobart that helps residents with plastering ceilings and repairing the sagging ones.

    Picture of a gyprock ceiling recently set
    Picture of a commercial suspended tiles ceiling with metal frame

    Suspended Ceiling

    Ceilings are the surfaces that are installed at the top of the room. Suspended ceilings, also referred to as false ceilings or dropped ceilings, are ceiling systems where all or part of the hanging structure is concealed from view, giving a ceiling its appearance.

    Suspended Ceilings can be made out of any material, including plasterboard, timber laminates and gyprock. It can be repaired in no time, with the help of our professionals who will do the job quickly and save you on cost. Suspended ceiling problems require special tools or equipment that are needed to undertake specific repair jobs.

    Suspended ceiling repair services, we provide expert and experienced plasterers in Hobart who will provide you with a complete and professional service. We at Brighton Plastering offer finished work that looks great and lasts much longer than other surface finishes.

    Drywall Repair

    Drywall is the most commonly used wall and ceiling material in Hobart homes due to its low cost, lightweight, and easy installation. It is made from gypsum plaster, glass fibre paper, timber laminates, and a sizing agent. Drywall can be installed in various ways, such as suspended or attached to walls and ceilings.

    If you have noticed any problems with your plasterboards, you should immediately get Brighton drywall repair services. If your wall is sagging due to the weight of the wall, it means that there is too much paper on one side of the gypsum board. This may also be because some of the screws have got loose.

    Another common problem is drywall popping off. This usually happens when the screwheads are being tightened excessively. If you find drywall popping out in several places, Brighton plastering services should be called immediately. You may need Hobart wall plaster repair for this matter.

    Contractor doing a drywall repair on a residential gyprock livingroom
    Entrace livingroom are of a hobart residential property. The area is painted in white and there are stairs on the left.


    A cornice is a contour on a wall with a certain height, which is placed over the top of the architrave. Its customarily made from plasterboard and installed after the ceiling has been done. It provides a polished finish to any room or office. They can be used in various spaces such as kitchens, bathrooms, dining rooms etc.

    Cornices are made of different materials according to their surroundings, for bathrooms are made from non-absorbent material, while Cornices for kitchens are usually made from stainless steel or aluminium. Cornice installation is done either on drywall or plasterboard ceilings.

    Cornice can also be installed in homes that have neither walls nor ceilings; it can be used as a wall decoration for homes. Cornices are of various designs and can be cut to fit the size of any room. As experts in the plasterboard industry, we know how to install them, and we can also advise with design and construction.

    Metal Framing

    Metal Framing is also known as Metal Bar Joist and is a system for floor and roof construction. Metal framing has many advantages over traditional wood joists, such as Metal Framing can span further than wood and weigh less than the equivalent concrete and steel-reinforced concrete beams.

    Most people majorly focus on residential plastering. This means that they do not consider commercial plastering jobs, even though it can be just as essential to do so. Depending on the size of the structure you are constructing, Metal Framing could save time and money for your project by giving strength with less material than other systems.

    A Metal Framing system is also much safer when the building is under construction, which means that your Metal Framing system can be erected faster. This Metal Framing comes in different shapes and forms to accommodate various spans and loads.

    Brighton Plastering is one of the most trusted and reputable metal framing contractors in Hobart. With the most advanced equipment and products, we make sure to deliver the best finish to your plasterboards walls.