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Suspended Ceiling in Hobart

Are you looking for a suspended ceiling contractor? At Plasterer Hobart, we specialize in steel framework for false and bulkhead ceilings.

If you’re looking for the best gyprock solution in town, you are in the right place. Call us for a free quotation on your false ceiling installation. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.

Hobart Suspended Ceilings Tiles and Panels Services

Ceilings are the surfaces that underlie the roof of a house. It plays a crucial role in the interior decor of your home. That is why you need to ensure your ceiling looks perfect according to the room. Plus, you have to check that it goes with other aspects of the decor. Otherwise, your home wouldn’t get that “wow” feeling no matter what additions you make. You get two options while looking for ceiling designs:

 Exposed Ceilings

These are also known as open ceiling panels because you leave everything unlocked in this. If you want the “under-construction” look in your house, you can opt for this. But remember these require high maintenance, so be prepared for the same. 

Dropped Ceiling 

These are also known as false ceiling panels because they get suspended under the actual ceiling. They give a more “finished and polished” look to your house. Plus, you don’t need to maintain the MEP systems frequently as they remain secured under this. 

However, picking a suspended ceiling isn’t as easy as you think it is. With so many options in hand, you may end up selecting the wrong one. Here is how our suspended ceilings are better than others.


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    #1 Quick Suspended Ceiling Installation

    Getting a false ceiling system installed in your house can be a little messy. It interrupts you more if you are already living there. These problems are almost inevitable when someone inexperienced does the work. In case they use conventional techniques for installation, then forget about peace. However, we don’t provide you with this much inconvenience.

    Our expert team ensures that you don’t get much disturbed by their work. They use modern methods for installing the ceiling on your roof. Therefore, we make no mess. Plus, the work will get done in as little time as possible.

    Picture of a suspended gyprock plaster ceiling with downlights

    #2 Design Of Your Drop Ceiling Choice

    You must know that ceilings are the foremost thing that people notice at your place. That is why you need to give extra attention to them. They need to be “perfect” according to the overall theme of your house. The false ceiling of a particular room should also match all other aspects of it.

    Unlike exposed ceilings, you don’t have to stick with the basic design with our services. You can get the suspended ceiling systems that go best with the house interiors. Thus, your home looks comfortable to you and trendy to the visitors.

    Residential picture of a suspended plasterboard ceiling with down lights and hanging lights

    Matthew H. from Bellerive, 7018

    “We always wanted our home to look nothing less than perfect. We are very into interior designs. We always found suspended ceilings ideas. Everyone stated that it is one of the most crucial aspects of the decor. So we contacted the team of Plastering Hobart to help us out. They guided us through the available options, and they also ensured that we got what we needed. Their experts also told us about a few things that we didn’t know about them. They ensured minimal disturbance to use, which was the best part.”

    Plasterer aplying plaster tape to a suspended gyprock ceiling

    #3 When it comes to Suspended Ceiling: Keep It Hygienic

    Another reason for you to prefer our services is because of the resistance. If you live in a moist environment, then the importance of suspended ceiling panels increases. The ceiling of your house can easily catch mould and bacteria. These can create massive troubles in the long term. That is why you need suspended ceilings everywhere in your home.

    In all cases, kitchen drop ceilings are a must. As kitchens and bathrooms tend to catch more moisture, they are more prone to problems. You must add the ceiling to keep the place hygienic by keeping bacteria and moulds away.

    Picture of a commercial suspended tiles ceiling with metal frame

    #4 Reduces Noice with False Ceilings

    If you have exposed ceilings, you may regularly hear everything that goes on the above floors. It happens because of the less layering of the ceiling tiles. You can quickly get rid of this problem with our services. Adding suspended ceilings in your home can make it soundproof from whatever goes on the top.

    Our experts will recommend the correct suspended ceiling tiles that will solve the purpose appropriately. And then you can live in peace in your house.

    Find out what else Plasterer Hobart can do for you

    If you want more information on suspended ceilings, you can reach us. We will see how your home decor can be improved with our services. Our experts will also provide you with the best solutions according to your requirements. You can contact us by phone or email, whichever seems better to you.



      Google and Guarantee Badges for Plasterers Hobart