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Cornice Installation and Repair in Hobart

A cornice is decorative frames around the join between ceiling and walls. They come in all sort of different shapes and design. As experts in the plasterboard industry, we know how to install them, and we can also advise with design and construction.

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Your Local Hobart Cornice Experts

In a few words, Cornices are finishes to the gap between the ceilings and walls. It plays both an aesthetic and functional purpose of the construction. That is why you need to select a suitable cornice for your home. But for doing that, you first need to understand how the cornice works. According to our expert Hobart Plaster:


You can install Cornices in outdoor and indoor environments. The inside cornice helps in hiding the imperfections of the corners. Outer cornice, on the other hand, throws away the rainwater. Therefore, both of them are crucial for keeping your house secure.


Cornices can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your house. From theme to colour, you pick each part of the decor carefully. Then why not cornice? The type of decorative cornice can entirely turn the appearance of the house. You can match its colour with the theme. Plus, you can get a design that goes with other attributes of decor. 

  Even after knowing its importance, you may get confused while deciding a square set cornice. It happens because of the variety that is available in the market. That is where we can help you out. Our plaster cornices solve both purposes without much hassle from your side. 

 Here is how our plasterboard cornices would fit best in your requirements. 


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    #1 Plasterboard Cornice Durability

    The first benefit you can obtain with our service is durability. Plaster cornices have a long-lasting nature. However, several providers fail here because they use low-quality materials. That is why their products break easily, and you need to replace them. On the other hand, we make our cornice with the best quality materials.

    Once it gets fitted in your house, you need not worry about the longest time. It can withstand some harsh external conditions that other products fail to. As the corners of the house take additional pressure, the importance of this factor increases.

    Picture of a plaster corner cornice painted in white

    #2 Express Yourself With Your Ceiling Cornice

    Your house isn’t just a property, as each of its aspects speaks about you. That is why you have to pay extra attention to the decor of your house. Whenever someone visits you, they get to know about you through the house itself. And nothing can help you better than our gyprock cornice in this case.

    You can pick the one that complements the ambience of your house and makes it look amazing. Other cornices usually don’t offer this benefit. You have to settle with the specific designs and builds, restricting you from expressing yourself.

    Plastering Cornice with led lights

    Rachel W. from Dynnyrne, 7005

    “We were conscious of the decor of our house because we often have guests over. But no matter what we tried, we always felt something was missing from the interiors. That is when we thought of getting cornices for our house. The team of Plastering Hobart was exactly what we expected. They guided us through the various options and provided the one that fitted best in our home. After they finished, our house instantly got the boost that we were looking for. Plus, their professionalism helped us throughout the process.” 

    Cornice corner installation painted in white

    #3 Why Cornice is Important? Hide The Architectural Lines

    The straight architectural lines on your house make the interiors look dull. You will generally notice them in the meeting place of walls and ceiling of the house. That is why you need our ceiling cornices. They cover the architectural lines and give a more seamless look to your home.

    The benefit of our plasterboard cornice here is that they can fit in your house. As every property has its dimensions and requirements, they can quickly put up with yours. Our expert team ensures that none of the corners is left looking flat. So you get a more exciting interior instantly.

    Entrace livingroom are of a hobart residential property. The area is painted in white and there are stairs on the left.

    #4 Plaster Cornices: Easy Installation

    People claim that Boral cornices are challenging to install. It may be true with people who are stuck with conventional techniques. Our expert team uses modern-day tools and methods to fix the cornice in your house. That is why our team takes much less time and effort to complete the job.

    No matter what type of cornice you pick, we will finish your plaster job in no time. You can get the best Shadowline cornices to give your home a more modern look. This choice can be made easily according to the overall decor of your house.

    Talk to one of our Plasterer Expert

    If you want to know more about the cornices, contact us without wasting time any more. We will assist you with the available options and help you select the best one for your needs. In case you need a free quote, we will be happy to provide that as well. We have both an email and a phone; you can reach us according to your convenience.



      Google and Guarantee Badges for Plasterers Hobart